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  • 100% Bond Back Guarantee
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  • Follow REA cleaning checklists
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Know About Us

End of Lease Cleaning Coogee

Your lease agreement is not a permanent one. But, end of lease cleaning is a matter of concern for money. In fact, a lot of people lose their security deposit due to leaving an unclean room while leaving the rented apartment.

We are here to solve your problem if you are looking for vacate cleaning services in Coogee. The Advanced Bond Cleaning is the name of your savior when no time is left to remove the leftovers. We provide the top-most exit cleaning facilities in Coogee. Your feedback is the most precious thing for us.

You can also show trust in us with respect to the successful recovery of your bond amount. Maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene is our priority. If you are in Coogee, hiring our services is the best option for bond cleaning.

After we are finished with our part, our professionals will let you inspect everything and verify whether everything is in proper order. So, contact us today if you are planning a move out cleaning.

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Get satisfactory results after signing an agreement with the Advanced Bond Cleaning. We assure you to charge an affordable amount for the end of lease cleaning services.

Should you rely on us?

Our experts are ready to support you in every possible way so that your shifting process turns into a smooth activity. You will enjoy a professional touch in the bond cleaning services. We leave no corner untouched and ensure that your house looks bright and fresh, just like a new one. The cleaning of both furnished and empty properties are included in our list of services. On top of these, we use all the government-approved tools to clear out the dust from every corner. Our organization is the ideal source of obtaining the cheap end of lease cleaning services. Our professionals ensure that your landowner returns all your security deposit and bid you good-bye with a big smile. All his anger will vanish in a second after getting the apartment back in its original form. If you are not happy with our services on the first go, we can provide a re-cleaning within five days.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee. We will meet or beat any written quote*.

End of Lease Cleaning Cost-Efficient Services in Coogee

Bond cleaning services have to be cost-efficient. Thus, we are the most suitable option as we believe in “love for work.” You can get reliable support from Advanced Bond Cleaning in Coogee while performing the end of lease cleaning services. We always want to make your surfaces shine like the original state. Thus, when you are making a move out of the apartment, your landowner will not be angry with you. Instead, he will bid a good-bye on a satisfactory note. So, the impression we create will be a long-lasting one.

We show full dedication while cleaning several parts of the house without keeping any corner untouched. However, if we are unable to please, we show great regret and are happy to give a re-cleaning service within five days, without any charge.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee. We will meet or beat any written quote*.

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Exclusive services

If you are worried about the stains on the beautiful floor, then contact Advance Bond Cleaning today. Our professionals will make the floor shine brilliantly without damaging a single thing. As a prospective customer, you can also avail of various discounts and bonanzas that our organization offers from time to time. No longer, there is a need to get tensed about recovering the bond money. We will take care of all the formalities and will release you from all the stress. The end of lease cleaning services of our experts will definitely please you.

Regarding the payment part, our policies require advance payment before starting the job. It is recommendable that you keep the receipts carefully so that you can refer the same in the future, if necessary.

We want to focus on some of our specialties that you can enjoy in Coogee.

  • We give 100% guarantee with respect to vacate cleaning services that our professionals provide. Moreover, we charge nothing if you call us again in case of any issues.
  • Our experts always keep their words and make your landlords happy also. Thus most of the landlords shower immense love to us. This is really a big deal.

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Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions of Our Service:

  • We take extreme care while cleaning the delicate articles like the glass tables, any home decor, or the ceramic plates.
  • All kitchen appliances, cupboards, utensils, window panes, exhausts, oven tops, micro-grills, and similar other things will get a new look
  • We extend our helping hand in cleaning your bedroom and living area too. The vacuum cleaning, mopping, dusting the sofas, the tabletops are all included in our package.
  • There will not be any stink in the bathroom, and it will look absolutely fresh. We clean the tiles, mirrors, toilets, and other toiletries, including wiping of the appliances like a geyser, shower, etc.
  • We scour the floor and carpets also and do not leave any marks on the same. The advanced chemicals will make your carpet smell like a brand new one.
  • We remove the cobwebs and provide cleaning services for Air-conditioners, fans, or the electronic insect killers. Thus, you will get an outstanding shining look of the frames, doors, and windows.
  • We also clean the balcony as a complimentary service

Exclusions of Our Service:

  • We are not supposed to clean the ceiling as per the terms of our end of lease cleaning contract
  • We do not guarantee for any sort of discoloration of the walls, tiles, and similar other things
  • No sudden addition during the cleaning process will be entertained. If you want to add an item, you have to mention the same in the agreement beforehand.
  • The damp spots are not very easy to remove altogether. So, there is no assurance regarding the same from our side.
As per your preference, we can also carry out the tile grouting services.

End of Lease Cleaning Services

In Coogee, we have a good reputation for providing exit cleaning services. Our experienced professionals especially note the points that you specify and work accordingly. We take some amount in advance, and this keeps us going. However, you can pay the remaining later, after completion of our bond cleaning services.

Your apartment is our responsibility after you hand over the cleaning services to us. Your reputation will not get hampered in any way, and your landlord will be thankful too. We responsibly try to make every part of your house, germ, and dust-free. It can be your storeroom, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. In fact, we will highly appreciate your suggestions regarding how we can make our services better.

Our company gives the beloved customers chances to participate and win in various lucky draws and the seasonal off. We believe in a long-term relationship. So, it is our duty to understand your condition and not to give undue pressure upon you for payment.

Our Services

Our professional end of lease cleaning experts will make sure that your property is thoroughly clean, and we offer cleaning services that cover your whole house. You can book the services as per your requirements.

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Carpet Cleaning

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Bond Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ahen an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries.
No one wants to stay in an unclean house. Our property owner wants us to leave the house completely clean. Think that it is a mandatory rule to stay in Coogee. Thus, the end of the lease contract can turn your house into a location for fresh breathing. Moreover, you cannot get the security money back if the property is unclean.
Every occupant has to sign a contract with the landowner to return the property in the same condition. Otherwise, the security deposit will be forfeited. So, vacate cleaning is really a necessity.
We use all the natural and eco-friendly chemicals to give a fresh look to your carpets. For removing tough stains, some steam and different chemicals are used. Your rug gets back the original look as we clean via all the government-approved advanced cleaning tools.
Yes, of course. Indeed, the time taken for cleaning furnished houses is more than the regular schedule. We keep all the promises and perform our services like an expert. The prices may vary as per the demands.
Wooden floors need regular polishing and cleaning to retain the shine for a more extended period. However, if the opposite happens, we may feel a little tense. We promise a thorough cleaning of all your tiles but do not guarantee for the damages.
We provide a 100% guarantee that you will get your bond amount back. We resolve all the legal issues with respect to the cleaning of the remnants even after a thorough cleaning. But, our services involve only cleaning and not damaging property, like broken tiles, broken glass, etc.
Usually, the time taken for completion of the end of lease cleaning process depends on multiple factors. However, the average time is 3-7 hours. Apart from this, when the occupant moves out of the property, there is a cutoff time. This requires the maximum time of cleaning.
Certainly. Our package includes cleaning of all the kitchen apparatus, kitchen utensils, broiler, etc. Everything is clearly mentioned on our agenda.
Yes, cleaning of windows and overhangs forms the part of our long list of services. Thus, we polish and clean both the exterior and the interiors parts. However, additional prices are charged for anything done in extra.
This is one of the most common questions that we face. Disinfectants are responsible for killing all the germs and bacteria along with the dirt. So, we definitely make good use of the same and turn your house into a hygienic property.

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Why Are We from Different?

We take the utmost care in cleaning every single part of the property. Moreover, we do not distinguish between furnished and empty properties. Also, occupants of both residential and commercial properties can opt for our bond cleaning services. Thus, the landowner will also be able to impress any newcomers by showing the shining house. We promise to bring back the original look of your home and ensure a quick bond back. Advanced Bond Cleaning also takes care of your budget and has devised the packages accordingly. We are keen to hear from you again and give our best to satisfy you entirely.

Advanced Bond Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Process

Our cleaners follow REIV approved cleaning checklist. We ensure you get your bond back. If there are any issues, we offer a free re-clean in 72 hours.

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