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Know About Us

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

When you plan to buy carpets for your house, the first thing on mind is the aesthetics that the usage of that carpet would provide. Carpets are not cheap, and they are bought keeping in mind ‘the long time that they would eventually serve’. A decent floor changes everything; in fact it becomes one of the major parts of the overall theme of the room.

However, with time carpets tend to lose their shade and start turning into something that you’ve not bought, despite regular cleaning or vacuuming. The matter of fact is that, Carpets need a little more care and keeping the carpet clean is little something that you can do to increase the life of your carpet, none of the less it is your hard-earned money and we promise not to let it go to waste. We provide professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney.

Don’t let the stain ruin your favourite Carpet.. We are here with the solution!

Wine stain, coffee stain, paint or whatever you can bring Advanced Bond Cleaning will make sure to lend you a helping hand with all kinds of stains.

Why Should you Choose Us in Sydney?

We are experts in not only cleaning carpets, but complete home makeover. We provide exceptional services through a range of single or multiple packages. We enlist ourselves as one of the best cleaners in Sydney and you’d be surprised to know that it is our sheer hard work and expertise that has led to our success through the years. Advanced Bond Cleaning has an expert team which specializes in all sorts and forms of bio friendly chemical usage to preserve fabrics/floors/carpets while being easy on the pocket and being friendly to the environment. Our Carpet expertise is something that has not been spared either. We use steam, mechanised fabric swooping, carpet nourishment techniques, and all extra words in the list to leave behind a nice fragrance and smile on your face.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee. We will meet or beat any written quote*.

Why Do Carpets Need Cleaning?

Carpets are usually cloth based material mixed with various sorts of fibers and materials. Since most carpets offer smooth or soft texture, they are very prone to getting dirty and gathering a lot of dust, bacteria, stains – that are usually tough to treat and the material can carry fungus too in case it is left without inspection for long and the air is moist.s

Now carpets add a significant style to the overall theme of the room or the area that they are kept in. They keep themselves warm and soft for the most part, yet over time they collect dust and grime in general and start to lose their colors, texture and even their smoothness.

Your rug needs to be cleaned much more often than you might think. Period! The various reasons to this can be:

Carpets are expensive to buy
Regular cleaning extends life of the fibre

A clean carpet says a lot more about hygiene than anything else

Stay away from health issues and problems with clean carpets, more if you have pets.

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100% Bond Back Guarantee. We will meet or beat any written quote*.

We Work For You

Our Competitive Pricing

Advanced Bond Cleaning's provides best and competitive pricing. We do not want to pinch your pockets every now and then and understand your pain of getting multiple household objects rectified and cleaned every month or quarter. This is exactly why we promise you the best possible pricing compared to the market while saving you a lot of time and frustration. Our experts are professionals and we try to reduce your household pressure by providing our services. We offer receipts for proof in case of property changes, and keep your experience splendid. Our values make sure that our services will leave you happy and asking for more every time, while being easy on your pocket.

Those stains giving
you nightmares?
We have the solution!

Listed below are a few challenging stain scenarios:

Being experts in what we do, Advanced Bond Cleaning provides you with all sorts of rug stain removal options. Take a look at what all we handle:
Coffee Stains: Give or take, coffee tastes good, but is hard to remove from the carpet, turns out Carpets don’t like coffee. Thus we make sure to use industrial removers, which do not damage the rug, but carefully pull out the stain.
  • Blood Stains: We hope you never have to find blood on your carpet, but in case someone gets hurt and bleeds on the floor, carpets are the last thing that will be on your mind. But as and when the dust settles, you see how well your carpet has soaked everything. Time to get it cleared, call us and our experts would use organic solvents to bond with the stain and later rub it out of it without causing any damage.
  • Urine Stains: Oh maybe your pet had no time to do its business elsewhere and there you are with an extremely loathsome and appalling pee stain. Worry not as we have got it covered too. We would clean it thoroughly and disinfect to treat it for pathogens and bacteria.
  • Ink Stains: Ink is chemical based stain and if not treated on time can do a lasting harm and even irreparable decolourisation of the rug. Experts at Advanced Bond Cleaning assess the ink stain and start using solvents of various degrees to dissolve the ink and suck it up before it starts to spread deeper into the carpet.
  • Juice Stains: Juices are citrus in nature and the small amount of acid that they contain can go a long way into making long lasting effects on the carpet ink. Mostly making the ink react over time to change into something you don’t want. We have expert chemicals that are built to challenge this very aspect and make it disappear in no time.
Chocolate Stains: Chocolate is clingy in nature and soaring temperature can make it stick into the holes of the carpet. Turns out it is something that we have a solution for. Did we mention we are the experts at stain removal?

Rug Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning procedures are a work of art. If you care to witness it, it works like magic. Let us take you through an illustration of how we clean the rugs:
Cleaning starts with initialisation, during which our experts move over looking at each and every corner of the rug. We analyse the overall scenario and finalize on what all issues the rug has
We start by vacuuming the rug to expel dirt and dust off the carpet, this gives a better idea of the in-lying issues
The rug is then washed using water, making the overall fabric softer and easier for us to understand what parts would require which sort of compound
Post which the carpet is flushed using a rotating machine while adding more clear water. At this step we use various compounds of desired category to expel different sort of stains
All this is followed by the final procedure of purification and aeration, which brings your carpet back to its original state

Our Services

Our professional end of lease cleaning experts will make sure that your property is thoroughly clean, and we offer cleaning services that cover your whole house. You can book the services as per your requirements.

Spring Cleaning

Do you want to get rid of dirt and dust? Our home

Carpet Cleaning

We offer the best carpet cleaning services as carpets need attention for

Bond Cleaning

Are you looking for bond cleaning in Canberra? We have experts who

Commercial Cleaning

To make sure your office building makes the right impression, trust Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

Ahen an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries.
Yes, we need not visit your home for everything. Though pricing is subjective to the amount of working hours involved.
Cleaning leaves your carpets soggy, yes it is a little wet, but only a day worth of wet. It is ready to be used the next day.
We attempt to give you our services within 24 hrs of you connecting with us. The overall cleaning time might depend on the size and issues, but usually stays within 1-2 hours.
Yes, we take all the precautions needed to prevent any dirt or dust from escaping.
If the quote is taken on phone, the pricing might change once we get to take a look at what we are dealing with, but mostly we never change our prices, we discuss all your requirements prior to appointment.
Some stains are really hard on the rug cloth. The soft texture of most carpets make it vulnerable to tough stains that may not vanish completely as too much scrubbing or chemical usage can destroy the carpet altogether, and we make sure we leave your carpet happy.
We use industry grade deodorizers that are manufactured for specific tough stains. We extract all the dirt, grime and stains from the carpet which makes it easier for the carpet to return back to normalcy.
Nope! You can have our word on that. Carpets don’t melt at 100 odd degrees. Instead hot water and steam helps the rug cloth/fibre expand and thus making it easier to extract every off thing out of it. It also kills all the bacteria and diseases.
You got help! Don’t worry our cleaners help you out with all that too. Unless the furniture requires more than 2 or 3 people. Although we would advise you to shift breakables and little articles before our cleaners show up.
The answer would be different for different people. Some people are sensitive to dirt, or some others have kids and pets or they party often and spills are common. We recommend that the more your rugs are cleaned, the better they last.

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Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Rugs are big and heavy and they cannot be cleaned in conventional driers or machines. They require everyday care depending upon usage; else they go on collecting all the dirt, grime, stains and can cause various kinds of diseases.

Professionals like us have products and techniques mastered over years which promise a better life for your carpets and their texture, color and odour. A clean and good carpet is an important part of the ambience of the surrounding room and it needs professional care.

In fact dirty rugs can cause genuine medical issues for the occupants or a room or a hall such as problems for people suffering with Asthma, cold, eye problems, irritation, skin contaminations, hacking, and wheezing,etc. Moreover the contaminants living in the rug lessen the life of the carpet too.

This is where Advanced Bond Cleaning Sydney takes over. We clean all sorts of carpets, no matter if you brought them over from a day full of other worldly surprises or an alien store.

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End of Lease Cleaning Process

Our cleaners follow REIV approved cleaning checklist. We ensure you get your bond back. If there are any issues, we offer a free re-clean in 72 hours.

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